PG Workshop: Translating, Editing and Using Medieval Documents


We are very happy to announce our next PG event: Translating, Editing and Using Medieval Documents. **EDIT** This workshop is now funded by Medium Aevum as well as the Leverhulme Trust.

This workshop will take place at Cardiff University, John Percival Building, on Friday 13th January 2017, 10:00-17:00.

Scanian Law


For most postgraduates studying the Middle Ages, the editing, translating and using of medieval sources are essential skills. This one-day workshop, by using legal documents as a case study, aims to uncover the basic issues that medieval languages and texts can throw at scholars, and discuss ways to handle them. No language skills are essential for this workshop and it is intended to be useful to all postgraduate scholars, not just those interested in law.

Talks and workshops on Old English, Medieval Latin/Old Welsh, Old Danish and Old Frisian will be led by Prof. Carole Hough (Glasgow); Prof. Paul Russell (Cambridge); Dr Jenny Benham (Cardiff); Dr Sara Pons-Sanz (Cardiff); Dr Helle Vogt (Copenhagen) and Dr Han Nijdam (Frisian Academy). Lunch will be provided. We have a limited number of PG bursaries available up to £200, which can include travel and accommodation.

To register/apply for a bursary, please email voicesoflaw @ gmail . com, or download a registration and/or bursary application form from the “Events” page.

Click here to download the Provisional Programme as .pdf: programme-pg-workshop



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