Enriching Student Life 2017


Well done to everyone, and especially to the project’s lead, Dr Jenny Benham, for being nominated for the Enriching Student Life Awards 2017! Jenny has been shortlisted in the ‘Most Innovative Staff Member’ category!

Enriching Student Life

Part of Enriching Student Life at Cardiff is CUROP – Cardiff University Research Opportunties Programme.

About CUROP:

Considered one of the largest research programmes in the UK, CUROP offers students a stipend of £200 a week, for up to eight weeks – to take part on a placement within their School, working on an original research project led by members of staff. Their task is to undertake original research, share their experiences and disseminate their research findings to the University audience (and a wider audience, in some cases).

More than 500 students have undertaken Programme placements since 2008, working on such diverse projects as historical archival work, searches for new planets and cancer research.

Over the summer of 2017, three Cardiff University UG students worked on two of our CUROP projects, two on the Treaties project (proposed by Jenny) and the other on the Voices of Law trade terminology databas, working with Jenny, Sara Ponz-Sans and Melissa Julian-Jones.

See our previous posts on the 2016/17 CUROP projects, here, here and here.

This year, Voices of Law have proposed another CUROP project, led by Dr Jenny Benham, Dr Sara Ponz-Sanz, and Dr Melissa Julian-Jones, looking at kinship, marriage and inheritance terms in various legal codes, including the Cyfraith Hwyel and the Anglo-Saxon Laws. The outcomes will be a poster display, as last year, at the CUROP exhibition, and the creation of a public engagement activity that can be rolled out to schools.

There is an application process, and the selected candidate is chosen based on their grades, (although extenuating circumstances are taken into account), as well as the quality of their application letter.

We are looking forward to showing you the results and catching up with the students over the summer!


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