Summer 2017 – Law, Marriage and Household 600-1250 Mini-Project

We are very happy to announce that Voices of Law has been awarded another CUROP award!

This award will be for one Cardiff University Undergraduate student to do some original research into the marriage laws and marriage legal terminology from the Welsh and Anglo-Saxon law codes.


The project is entitled: ‘Law, Marriage and the Household, 600-1250: creating an impact case-study for the Voices of Law Network’.


The Principal Supervisor on the project will be Dr Jenny Benham; the Secondary Supervisor will be Dr Sara Ponz-Sans. The student will be further supported in the project by Dr Melissa Julian-Jones in the development of the engagement task.


Project Summary

The aim of the placement is to create a database of terminology from c.10 surviving laws, seeking out similarities and differences in language and practice. Using this material the student will then develop a 20-min presentation on the topic and a practical task for use in engagement and outreach activities.

The placement will enhance the student’s digital skills, in particular the ability to use a range of tools for the text mining and advanced use of excel and access to develop the database; analytical skills, by identifying, comparing and contrasting provisions; linguistic skills, by comparing modern English to specific terminology in Old English, Latin and Welsh; organisational skills; and oral and written communication, in particular through the engagement task and the writing of a blog entry at the end of the placement.

We are currently looking for a suitable opportunity for the student to implement this engagement task during the autumn of 2017.



The CUROP project is only open to current Cardiff University students.

Student applicants must have taken a module in Medieval History in their second year.

Although languages are not a specific requirement for the placement, because of the nature of the work undertaken, preference may be given to a student who have studied any modern foreign language to A-level standard or who is a bilingual Welsh-English speaker.

Students will be asked to submit a 400-word statement outlining their suitability for the placement and selection will be based on this and academic performance.


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