Over the summer, a lot of us will be looking at our courses and altering things or adding things to prepare for next year. If you are new to teaching medieval law or an Anglo-Saxon course, Early English Laws is a good online project to start with.

“Early English Laws is a project to publish online and in print new editions and translations of all English legal codes, edicts, and treatises produced up to the time of Magna Carta 1215.”

The Project Description outlines the research questions of the project, giving information about past and present scholarship, future avenues of research, and outlining the project aims. Analysis of the texts and their translations aims to shed new light on what the texts were saying, so that the question of what was the law can be properly tackled.

There is a list of texts still available for editing, a list of manuscripts and their common abbreviations, and a range of material including essays and glossaries to help you understand Early English laws are available in the Reference tab. The Reference tab links to contextual essays, articles, a bibliography and links to other projects. Additionally, the short blog posts may prove useful for offering thoughts on the topics, and snippets of information about the project and its editions.

A comprehensive index of the texts tackled by the project can be found here in the Laws section of the site.


Have you used the site in your teaching? How have you used it? Let us know!



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