What Is A Household? Brief Summer Placement Report

The summer placement is going really well. Our Undergraduate Student, Richard, has completed his research for the database of terms relating to marriage and the household in Anglo-Saxon law codes and the Cyfraith Hywel, and is now putting together a workshop for the able & talented AS Level students taking part in the SEREN Network sessions.

The workshop will be available in different formats suitable for other abilities and Key Stage groups after the summer.

The premise of the workshop is to explore the idea of what a household is, comparing modern ideas and legislation with the ideas and laws of the early medieval past. The inclusivity of the medieval household may come as a surprise, as might the legislation around cohabitation and rights of cohabiting couples, lodgers and others living/cohabiting with the family (especially in the Welsh laws).

The aim is also to to get the students to look at the original words and have a go at basic translation – easier for Welsh speakers in the case of the Cyfraith Hywel – through a series of games and activities that build on each other over the course of the hour session.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 8 November 2017, in Coleg y Cymoeth’s Nantgarw Campus, led by Richard and coordinated by Dr Melissa Julian-Jones. Richard will write up his experiences on the project in full for a future blog post!

Meanwhile, Dr Melissa Julian-Jones will be adding Old Frisian and Scandinavian words to the database for comparison, and Richard will be presenting his part of the research in poster format at the CUROP Poster Exhibition at the start of next term. Follow the link to book your place on Eventbrite – tickets for the event are free.




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