Countdown to Leeds IMC

It is hard to believe, but this year’s Leeds International Medieval Congress is only three weeks away! The Voices of Law committee is gearing up for a busy IMC, with four sessions on the books taking place on the Wednesday (4 July). The overall theme of this year’s IMC is ‘Memory’, which links perfectly with some of the questions explored by Voices of Law. We are pleased to have sessions, therefore, considering: how legal facts are turned into legal memory (session 1036); the relationship between legal memory, orality and performance (session 1136); the ways writing shapes distinctive forms of legal memory (session 1236); and how ‘remembering’ particular types of ecclesiastical law brings about the reorganisation of legal memory (session 1336).

Twelve papers will make for an exciting and stimulating series of conversations to pursue throughout the day. We are delighted to have such a wide range of speakers, coming from across Europe, Britain, and North America. Voices of Law’s own Han Nijdam will be contributing a paper of his own, addressing ‘Traces of Orality and Literacy in the Old Frisian Laws’; and we are especially pleased to see a number of postgraduate students who have attended various VoL activities in the past, such as the translation workshop hosted at the University of Cardiff in January 2017.

We hope that you will be able to join us for our sessions at Leeds. We’re certainly looking forward to them!


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