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~The VoL Translation Booklet Booklet is available for free download as a .pdf.

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Modernists benefit from projects such as Transcribe Bentham, an AHRC-funded project that has produced a new eLearning resource for use with all levels of education including A-Levels and Scottish Highers.


Okrent, Cathy, Legal Terminology for Transcription and Court Reporting, Cram 101 Textbook Reviews, (CTI Reviews, 2012)


For Medievalists, the following projects should be signposted:


But the best translation/transcription guides are probably to be found here:





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  • Trice, Martin Charles, The record interpreter: a collection of abbreviations, Latin words and names used in English historical manuscripts and records, (London: Reeves & Turner, 1892) – several reprints are available via booksellers like Amazon



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